Limited Run Games Will Have a Special Surprise for Vita Players at E3

The E3 2019 talk is in full force and while EA and Sony might be sitting this one out, other companies are full steam ahead for what they've got planned when June rolls around. One such company is the charming Limited Run Games, a name that gives gamers a shot at very limited editions of physical games. For this year, LRG is gearing up for even more announcements, including a surprise for PlayStation Vita players.

The company took to their Twitter to confirm their E3 showcase this year saying, "It's still a few months off, but here's an early heads up that we'll be doing our E3 conference again! It's sure to be the only place you'll see the Vita during E3."

They even included a nifty Vita GIF, because naturally:

It's an interesting time, especially with the news that the Vita is officially dead in terms of production. The PlayStation Vita didn't do all that hot in sales, though the handheld did have a lot of unmet potential. The remote play feature was one of the more under appreciated features for its time, and controls themselves were quite smooth for most titles. Still, it just didn't have the support needed and when PlayStation announced that the 2011 platform was coming to a close, unfortunately no one was really surprised.

With the success of the Nintendo Switch showing the high demand for portable gaming, perhaps Sony will once again try in the future. Though they've mentioned in the past that they were "done" with that market for now, there is nothing stopping them from eventually returning with a firmer understanding of what players want, a strong support plan going in, and lessons learned from past mistakes.

Since E3 will apparently be showing that same amount of love, anything is possible at this point.

What were some of your favorite memories on the Vita? Thoughts on what Limited Run Games might have up their sleeve? Sound off in the comment section below and tell us what you think, or you can hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy to share some of your opinions on the Vita and its downfall.



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