'League of Legends' Clash Tests Announced for More Regions

Riot Games is bringing League of Legends’ Clash mode to more regions through tests that have now been extended to the EUW and EUN players.

The two-day Clash competition was announced by Riot Games and will take place next weekend, but the actual Clash process begins sooner than that. On March 11th, players in the EUW/EUN regions will be able to form their teams in preparation for the Clash competition.

Riot Games explained that players don’t have to take part in both days nor do they need a ticket to play, those tickets being Clash’s buy-in currency used to help maintain competitive integrity in the tournaments, though players do have to be at least Honor Level 2 to participate.

“On March 11, team creation for a Clash test opens in EUW and EUN. Tournaments run on Saturday and Sunday,” Riot Games said. “It is free to participate in the test (you won’t need a ticket) and you can play over both days or choose either one. To participate in the test you need to be ranked and above Honor level 2.”

The Team Formation stage of the Clash test starts on March 11th but will last until March 15th, the day before the games officially begin. Anyone who participates in the two-day test gets loot boxes, a Summoner Icon, and some of the Victory Points that can be used to purchase Clash-related items.

This Clash test follows the announcement of tests starting up once again in other regions like LATAM. Tests have been held occasionally since Clash’s initial rollout was postponed, and like other trial runs before this upcoming EUW/EUN test, Riot Games will be testing certain parts of the Clash process.

“We’ve spent a lot of time on solutions to address server load. In this two-day beta, we’re specifically testing our Tier-based phasing and phase cap functionality,” Riot Games said. “Tier-based phasing allows us to stagger start times for different tiers. You’ll receive a lock-in time depending on your team’s combined Tier (Tier IV starts earlier and Tier I starts later).”

The new Clash test begins on March 11th when players can begin forming teams ahead of the two-day Clash weekend.



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