Someone Made a 'Dungeons & Dragons' Cookbook Complete With Monster Part Ingredients

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains 23 different recipes inspired by the dread domain of Ravenloft using actual monster parts. Mistfactor Press released Antonia Lupri's Ravenloft Cookbook on the DMs Guild as a supplement intended to provide some interesting handouts for players as they explore the domain of the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. While intended as an April Fools' Day gag, the recipes are legitimate...although players attempting to recreate the dishes in the real world might have to substitute certain ingredients in place of things like crawling claws or chuul meat. While there's a hint of the macabre in the recipes, you could even bring these dishes into any adventuring campaign for those players who want a taste of what certain monsters taste like.

Some of the dishes include Harpy's Vocal Cords with Moss Pesto, Wolf Steak with Sacrificial Lamb Blood Sauce, Intellect Devourer Flambe, and Kuo-Toa Head en Papillote. The cookbook also provides lists of ingredients with some substitutes in case your local grocery store doesn't have intellect devourers or black pudding on their shelves. There's also some magical side effects for each dish, which come with a benefit and a harmful side effect.

Antonia Lupri's Ravenloft Cookbook is one of the more innovative supplements we've seen published in recent months. Honestly, Wizards of the Coast should look to make a version of this, because these recipes can add a delightful touch to your next D&D game.

Antonia Lupri's Ravenloft Cookbook is available on the DMs Guild. Purchasers can pay what they want for the cookbook, with a suggested price of $2.00.



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