Epic Games Banned a Lot of 'Fortnite' Cheaters During the World Cup's First Week

Fortnite’s World Cup tournament is underway now and is in its earliest stages. It began last week as players started participating in the Qualifiers stage, and as one might expect, people tried to cheat. They did so in different ways that weren’t quite as obvious as using a wallhack, aimbot, or any other kind of program, but Epic Games was still onto them and banned over 1,000 accounts while reconfiguring how some points were awarded.

Exactly 1,221 accounts were banned during the first week of the tournament, according to the numbers provided by Epic Games. The developer shared a post on its site that went over some of the “Tournament Integrity Actions” it took during the competition when it found players to be in violation of various rules. Different infractions result in varying degrees of punishments with some players receiving just a warning, but some players were permanently banned.

“Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified and penalized,” Epic Games said. “Penalties may include a warning, a temporary competitive ban (duration will be determined by Epic), removal from competitive play permanently, or a permanent ban from Fortnite. Penalties may be escalated if an account has received prior penalties in tournaments.”

The most common offense was 1,163 players caught circumventing region locks to play in other areas, likely to give themselves a better shot elsewhere if games weren’t going how they’d like. Behind that were nearly 50 accounts banned for account sharing, but both of those infractions were only for two weeks. Other players appear to have received more severe bans in less frequent situations like teaming up with one another in Solos matches and one player who was found using cheat software. That player didn’t even get to play for more than five minutes before they were caught.

On the subject of teaming up in matches, Epic Games also said it’s working on implementing some technology into all its games that’ll detect teaming when it occurs. Tournaments and Arena games currently have the feature, and it looks like it’s coming to more casual games as well.

“We’re working on improving the teaming detection so we can enable it in all game modes while also allowing for fun, playful interactions with other players,” Epic Games said. “We’ll make an announcement when the new detection goes live in those modes.”

The full schedule for Fortnite’s World Cup can be seen here.



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