World of Warcraft Classic Gets a Release Date

World of Warcraft Classic now has a release date with the game scheduled to officially release on August 27th. Blizzard Entertainment announced the release of the classic version of the classic game and gave a detailed breakdown of the times it’ll open its servers to players around the world. There’s also a limited beta test that’s taking place on May 15th that’ll give players a chance to explore the game and test the servers.

Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date of World of Warcraft Classic on Tuesday and shared a chart that showed when the game would be available. In the Americas, the game will actually be live on August 26th at 3 p.m. PT, a difference from the other regions which Blizzard said was made to align the release with other regions.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can try to get into the small beta that’s taking place tomorrow. By heading to your account management page and selecting the beta option for World of Warcraft Classic, you can opt into the tests that’ll run from now until July. Blizzard has several requirements that must be met for those interest in playing in the beta.

“To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we’ll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in,” Blizzard said. “Participants will also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Account. While opting-in to the beta is the primary way to make sure you’re in the running to join the test it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the closed beta test. We may also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that we have the right mix of players to ensure great feedback toward making WoW Classic the very best experience for the community.”

Whether you’re in the beta or not, players who have an active subscription or game time within their accounts will be able to create up to three characters on August 13th. More information on realm names and other details are said to be released soon.



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