Fortnite's Vehicles Will Return to Competitive Modes Next Week

Fortnite’s most competitive players are playing without vehicles until the feature is reenabled in a future update. A bug that Epic Games discovered resulted in the vehicles being disabled in both the Tournament and Arena playlists, and they’ll stay that way throughout the weekend of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens. Vehicles will make a return next week though, Epic Games said, after an update is released to fix the bug.

The bug in question would prevent players from exiting vehicles in some instances. It didn’t happen to everyone, but it was problematic enough that many people reported it and it warranted vehicles being disabled throughout the competitive modes. Removing a familiar element from Fortnite that’s shaped the way people play is a big change, but Epic Games said it felt better doing that than leaving the bug in place and potentially seeing players getting stuck during the tournament.

“Last week, we discovered a critical issue where players could become stuck in a vehicle and unable to exit,” Epic Games said. “We made the choice to remove the root of the issue by disabling all vehicles, rather than electing to play through the Finals even with the bug. We felt that it was more fair to remove all vehicles to ensure players weren’t penalized for something outside of their control during the Finals.”


A timeframe for when the vehicles would be back was also provided. Vehicles are expected to make a return during the v9.10 update which is scheduled to release next week, so players in the Arena playlists and those in the big tournament will once again be able to ride around in the vehicles after the update is out.

“Due to a critical issue with players getting stuck inside vehicles, we will be disabling all vehicles in Arena and Fortnite World Cup Online Opens through this weekend,” Epic Games said. “We plan on re-enabling vehicles in the Tournament and Arena playlists next week after our fix is implemented in the v9.10 update.”