New Days Gone Patch is Big, But Only Fixes a Few Things

Days Gone has certainly been putting up some impressive numbers when it comes to sales since it launched, especially in Japan, where it outsold God of War's lifetime sales in a matter of weeks. While Sony Bend Studio's zombie shooter came in second to Mortal Kombat 11 in U.S. sales last month, plenty of people seem to be enjoying their time in the Pacific Northwest. That said, the experience being offered has not been without its flaws, with plenty of updates being released ever since launch, the most recent of which is rather hefty.

Taking to the Days Gone subreddit, Bend Studio released the patch notes for Patch 1.09, which is now available to all players of the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Only three things were listed in the patch notes, but it would appear that the update as a whole comes in at over 10 GB, which is a pretty substantial patch, especially one that only lists three items that were tweaked. "Due to an issue involving side-missions later on in the game, we have released this hot-fix patch to resolve them along with a few minor bugs," the post reads. In fact, here are the patch notes for the latest update:

  • Fixed the issue involving some of the "Marauder Camp Hunter" story line side-missions

  • Improved lighting for the boss fight in the Crater Lake area

  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes


The miscellaneous crashes are what probably make up a lot of the patch's size. Then again, lighting can be awfully taxing. Either way, it's definitely pretty interesting to see so little in terms of lists when the patch itself is rather large. The devs did reassure players that their plans are still moving along nicely. "The current plan for our team is still to slow down the amount of patches we release but to add more fixes, features, and optimizations with each patch," they said.

Days Gone is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more information on the game, here is a snippet from our official review:

"If you average out Days Gone’s shortcomings with its redeeming moments, you’re left with a game that's just perfectly alright in every sense of the word, nothing more though perhaps a bit less. There are certainly those who are hyped for Days Gone and will no doubt enjoy everything Bend Studio and Sony has to offer while patiently awaiting the free content and bug fixes that are to come. For those who held a casual or tentative interest, though, it’s a game best bought on sale or used to hold you over until your next big purchase."