Jump Force Reveals Hilarious Meeting Between Goku and All Might

The anime-infused video game Jump Force sees a number of iconic anime heroes fighting each other, and one of the game's genuine high points is seeing how these characters "officially" respond to one another in various scenes. While Dragon Ball's Goku was standard to the base game, recent downloadable content has added My Hero Academia's All Might to the mix. Seeing the two incredibly powerful characters meet for the first time was always going to be interesting, but who knew it was also going to be hilarious?

The new Jump Force DLC released yesterday, bringing Seito Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter to the game in addition to All Might. Fans have already blown through it and captured the best bits, and that includes what appears to be a story mission from the DLC where Goku mistakes All Might for one of the game's evil Venoms.

Check out the meeting of the two below:

This interaction, of course, plays on All Might's classic introduction. "Never fear," he typically says in some fashion. "I am here!" Goku, however, has never heard of the guy, and so responds as one might expect the Saiyan to do: "I'm here too. Here to beat you."


For more on the game itself, check out our official review, a snippet of which is featured below:

"No matter which way you slice it, Jump Force isn’t the game fans dreamed it would be upon its announcement, but it will excite anime fans who’ve got a thing for 3D fighters," reads a snippet from the review. "If you can see past its abysmal story mode and questionable animation, Jump Force clearly put its focus on fighting. The battles can be crisp, dynamic, and challenging enough to keep those invested coming back. However, as soon as a victor is crowned, Jump Force goes back to being a shonen spectacle with a shocking lack of substance."