Twisted Metal Creator Isn't Involved With New TV Series, But Would Like To Be

twisted metal
(Photo: SIE)

Last week, Sony Interactive Announcement announced PlayStation Productions, a new internal studio that will adapt different PlayStation games and franchises to film and television. Not long after that news broke that one of the projects in the pipeline is a Twisted Metal TV series. Unfortunately, further details on the project were not disclosed, leaving classic PlayStation fans salivating for more information. And while Sony still hasn't said a peep about the project, the creator of Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, has commented on the project and revealed that he's not involved; however, he'd like to be.

"Lots of people asking my thoughts on Twisted [Metal] TV series. All I can tell you is I know what you know," said Jaffe on Twitter. "It was news - albeit VERY GOOD news -- to me! LOTS of things go into development though -- a long road between a show being in development and being made. That said, I've let Sony know if they want my feedback, thoughts, help, and/or services I'm at their beck and call cause -- as y'all know -- I think the world of TM is super rich and I'd love to see more done with it besides straight up demo derby (although that is tons of fun too!"

As the creator of Twisted Metal, you'd hope Sony would at least utilize Jaffe as a creative consultant, but at the moment, it sounds like it has no such plans.

As you may know, Jaffe recently announced that he was coming out of his short-lived retirement from video game development to make a single-player, narrative-driven horror game. At the moment, Jaffe hasn't disclosed any salient details about the game, but he has revealed that he's very excited to make it.


"I'm designing/writing something new these days," said Jaffe at the time. "It's a single player, horror game that is attempting something new with in-game storytelling and I am in love with it."

Of course, we'll keep you updated as more details on Jaffe's new game and Sony's Twisted Metal TV series trickle in. In the meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there.