Pokemon Go Launches Surprise Legendary Raid Hour for This Evening

Pokemon Go fans might want to clear their calendar, as a Legendary Raid Hour mini-event is taking place this evening. Reports are pouring out of New Zealand and Australia that Pokemon Go is hosting a Legendary Raid Hour featuring Groudon. The event will take place at 6 PM local time, and will take place at any gym that isn't hosting a raid or raid egg at 5:40 PM. Players will have one hour to defeat as many Groudon as they can, and they'll have a chance of encountering a Shiny Groudon during the event. Please note that you'll need to stock up on Raid Passes if you wish to complete more than one Raid during the event.


Pokemon Go has been testing out the "Raid Hour" mini-events for a few months, but this marks a big departure as it was previously unannounced. While the game had Legendary Raids Hours every Wednesday in June, they hadn't announced that their test run would continue into July. The only reason why most players know about the event is because of word of mouth on Reddit and other major Pokemon Go communities. While Niantic has remained tight-lipped about the event, it's likely some sort of experiment to see what sort of engagement these Raid Hours get when suddenly sprung on the Pokemon community.

By now, many players already have at least one Groudon, but today's surprise event offers a chance for players to stock up on Groudon candies or to try to grab the rare Shiny Groudon. Players who don't want to go out for today's Legendary Raid Hour can also possibly obtain Groudon by completing a Research Breakthrough during the month of July.