Pokemon Sword & Shield: What is Gigantamaxing?

Pokemon Sword & Shield will feature a brand new mechanic called Gigantamaxing. Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company revealed that its upcoming games, Pokemon Sword & Shield, will feature a new mechanic called Dynamaxing, which allows players to temporarily increase the size of their Pokemon to massive levels. The Dynamax mechanic will only be available in select locations (such as in gyms) and will also boost the moves of Pokemon and grant them additional abilities and effects. Today, the Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Sword & Shield will also have a mechanic called "Gigantamaxing," which will only be available for select Pokemon of certain species.

One difference between Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing is that Gigantamaxing changes the appearance of a Pokemon, as well as its size. Gigantamax Pokemon also are able to use a unique move called a G-Max move, which grant additional effects in addition to dealing out damage. For example, the G-Max Stonesurge hits opposing Pokemon with damage and scatters sharp rocks around the battlefield, causing Pokemon who get enter the field to take damage. Meanwhile, the move G-Max Finale does damages opposing Pokemon and heals Alcremie (the Pokemon who uses G-Max Finale) and all Pokemon on Alcremie's side.

Unlike Dynamaxing, which can be used by any Pokemon, only certain Pokemon can use Gigantamaxing. Not only is Gigantamaxing exclusive to certain species of Pokemon, but only certain Pokemon within that species can use it. So capturing a Drednaw or a Corviknight in the wild won't necessarily give you access to their Gigantamax forms.


We'll note that the Gigantamax mechanic was previously leaked on 4Chan, and existing Pokemon species will also have Gigantamax forms. It appears that Pikachu, Meowth, and Lapras will also have Gigantamax forms that will drastically change how they look. We'll provide updates on new Gigantamax Pokemon as they become available.

Pokemon Sword & Shield comes out on November 15th.