PlayStation 4 Controllers Are On Sale for Amazon Prime Day

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While many people might be picking up games or entire consoles during Amazon’s Prime Day event, the gaming peripherals like controllers and other accessories make up some of the biggest categories of deals. PlayStation 4 controllers in particular are one example of a device that’ll be discounted by Amazon and other retailers around events or holidays, and this year’s Prime Day sale is no exception. Several PlayStation 4 controllers are on sale during the event, with as much as $20 taken off of certain devices depending on which color or pattern you’re looking for.

Amazon’s PlayStation 4 controllers that are on sale can be seen here with six of them listed in total. You’ve got your standard black controller that’s usually the cheapest option included in the sale along with five other different options including gold and camouflage variants. For this sale though, at least half of them are brought down to one price or lower.

The full list of controllers on sale during the event can be found below so you can see if there’s a controller you’re interested in for the price that it’s offered at. Note that all the controllers are usually priced at $64.99 except for the black controller which is typically $59.99.

  • Red PlayStation 4 Controller – $44.10
  • Blue PlayStation 4 Controller – $46.92
  • Black PlayStation 4 Controller – $46.96
  • Gold PlayStation 4 Controller – $46.96
  • Green Camo PlayStation 4 Controller – $49.99
  • Blue Camo PlayStation 4 Controller – $54.60

Of course, you’ll have to be one of Amazon’s Prime members in order to take advantage of this deal. If you meet that requirement, just add one of the controllers to your shopping cart and go on to the checkout once you’re finished shopping. If the discount isn’t applied right when the controller goes into your cart, you’ll find the discount applied once you’re ready to checkout assuming you’re signed into your Prime-ready account.

Other PlayStation deals can also be found during this year’s Prime Day event. Just like you can always expect the PlayStation 4 controllers to go on sale, it’s also a safe bet that you’ll find a year of PlayStation Plus for less than it usually goes for, too. That’s true for this Prime Day event as well now that a year of the subscription has been marked down to just $40.

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