PS4 Hit 100 Million Units Sold Quicker Than Any Other Console

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that PS4 surpassed 100 million units sold. Not only is this an impressive achievement that only a few gaming systems have ever accomplished, but the PlayStation 4 is the fastest console to hit 100 million units sold; faster than both the Nintendo Wii and the best-selling console of all-time, the PS2. That said, it may not hold onto the title for very long.

As of right now, the Nintendo Switch's sales are tracking alongside the PS4, meaning it's selling just as quickly as the PS4 did. However, there's a higher chance the Switch will lose momentum than stay steady, let alone gain momentum. In other words, it probably won't hit 100 million quicker than PS4, and it may not hit it at all. Usually system sales slow down over time. That's why the PS4 has been so special, because its sales have been pretty darn steady.

Previously, the fastest console to hit 100 million was the PS2, which did it in five years and nine months. The PS4 came in at five years and nine months, in other words, the console did it 2 months faster. That said, the chances the PS4 catches the PS2 in lifetime sales are slim. The PS2 had a very long lifecycle and sold pretty well towards the end, as everyone copped it as a cheap DVD player.


There's a good chance the PS4 will hold onto this record for awhile, just like the PS2 previously did. Old me would say the record will probably never be broken, but old me also used to say the same thing about the record when PS2 owned it.

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