Giovanni Arrives in Pokemon Go

The leader of Team Rocket has arrived to Pokemon Go, menacing players at a Pokemon Go Fest in Japan. Last month, Team Rocket invaded Pokemon Go, taking over PokeStops and corrupting Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. Team Rocket's arrival (which seems to be a permanent addition to Pokemon Go) was first teased at two Pokemon Go Fests, live events held in Chicago and Dortmund, Germany. While Team Rocket "photobombed" players at Chicago's Pokemon Go Fest, they sent a hot air balloon to Dortmund, marked with Team Rocket's distinctive "R" logo. Now, Pokemon Go players are learning that even more might be in store, thanks to the appearance of Team Rocket's leader at the final Pokemon Go Fest of the year in Japan.

Players attending the Pokemon Go Fest in Yokohama, Japan are reporting that Giovanni, the famous leader of Team Rocket, is appearing as a photobomb during the event. The Team Rocket leader is wearing his crisp suit and turtleneck, complete with Poke Ball cufflinks on his jacket. You can see Giovanni's appearance in the Tweet below, which was retweeted by the official Pokemon Go Twitter account.

Pokemon Go has teased Giovanni for several weeks, beginning with a trailer released when Team Rocket officially arrived in Pokemon Go. Giovanni's silhouette was briefly spotted during the trailer, and the trailer ended with a Giovanni quote that mirrored comments he made in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Pokemon Go also used Giovanni's silhouette when promoting a Team Rocket event last month.


Giovanni is one of the central antagonists of the Pokemon franchise and has appeared in multiple games. In addition to appearing as the main villain of the original Pokemon games, he also made appearances in Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While his initial plan was to simply steal Pokemon and use them for profit, he recently gained access to technology that allowed him to cross timelines, giving him access to the entire Pokemon multiverse. It's strongly implied that Giovanni's invasion in Pokemon Go is tied to this technology, meaning that this is the same Giovanni players have faced in the games.

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