Black Desert Is Now Free to Try on PlayStation 4

Black Desert is finally on the PlayStation 4 now that a free trial is available ahead of the game’s release on that console. The MMORPG has been received well on the PC and Xbox One platforms since its releases on that platform, and this beta will give PlayStation 4 users a chance to test it to see if it does as well on Sony’s console. Black Desert’s beta will be live until August 13th when the game will go offline until its full release on August 22nd.

To find the beta, all you have to do is search for “Black Desert Beta” in the PlayStation Store and download that product even if you don’t have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. From there, you’ll customize a character and pick one of several classes that include the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, Berserker, Wizard, or Witch. Different regions full of quests and battles await after that with players able to start working towards maxing their characters out at level 50.

Anyone who participates in this beta will get a Sky Hawk pet if they buy the game when it releases. This pet increases Knowledge Gain Chance, allows players to loot items, and helps find rare items.

To give an idea of what the full version of Black Desert consists of, a post on the PlayStation Blog gave a rundown of some of the events players will find in the beta.


Black Desert Beta Events

  • Decorate your residence and share screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or via our official forums to win ornaments for your home at launch.
  • Test your fishing skills and reel in the ‘Fish Bones’ item for various rewards at launch.
  • Learn to tame a wild horse and win a new horse outfit for use during the beta.
  • Play Hide-n-Seek with Pearl Abyss GMs – finding them gets you a chance to win awards at launch.
  • Compete to become the fastest cart racer in the entire beta, with the fastest participant winning rewards at launch.
  • Participate in a battle of the GMs at the Red Battlefield in a 2v2 match and intense PvP action.

If you play the game’s beta and are into what Black Desert has to offer, you can check out its different editions and info on pre-ordering the game here.