Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off New Map Location Designed by Octane

Apex Legends players are getting a Solos mode in one of the most talked about updates that’s releasing for the battle royale game, but it also looks like it’s getting much more than just that. One new feature coming to the game is another location on the map that’s inspired by Octane and the Legend’s adrenaline-filled history. This new point of interest was revealed in the trailer above that shows off ramps, jump pads, and rings of fire as some of the most notable parts of the new location.

This area doesn’t have a name that’s been revealed yet, but we do know that Octane is behind its creation. Located near the Thunderdome area at the edge of the map, Octane’s playground looks like it has everything you’d expect to see from the Legend given his past. An description of the area found with the video above calls it an “adrenaline-fueled town takeover designed by Octane himself.”

“Declare your right to rule – the Iron Crown Collection Event is live now!” the video’s description said. “Stand above the rest in limited-time Solos mode, score unique cosmetics, launch into an adrenaline-fueled town takeover designed by Octane himself, and more.”

While the video description does say that the update is live now, it appears that’s an error. Questions answered by the official Apex Legends Twitter account confirmed that the update won’t go live until 10 a.m. PST. A link included in the video’s description leads to a page where all the update’s contents will be listed once it goes live, so expect to see everything you need to know about Octane’s course and the rest of the update there.

Other notable features were spotted throughout the trailer as well. Characters are getting new skins, many of them being Legendary cosmetics, and other new loot options will also be available. Event challenges will give players more goals to shoot for during the event’s duration while a bonus XP weekend taking place soon will incentivize players to get those challenges done quick.


At the end of the trailer, we also see Bloodhound holding onto a hatchet before jumping onto an enemy below. It looks like this might be the first new heirloom added to the game if that’s indeed what it is, though we won’t know for sure until Respawn Entertainment reveals its plans for the update.

Whatever else is included in the update, expect to see Solos, the new map location, and more in the patch releasing today.