All Four New PlayStation 4 Controller Colors Are Available Now


The latest PlayStation 4 controller colors are Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue, and Rose Gold. Yesterday afternoon, the Rose Gold color went up for pre-order followed by the rest of the colors later in the evening. If you had your eye on any of them, here are the details...

The Rose Gold DualShock 4 is available to pre-order right here on Amazon for $64.99 with shipping slated for October 1st. The Electric Purple version is available here, Titanium Blue here and Red Camo here with the same price and release date. The Rose Gold headset is also available for $99.99 with shipping slated for October 29th. At the time of writing, the Electric Purple version is the hottest seller followed by Rose Gold, so we suggest reserving those quickly. Below you'll find an official description of each color along with a promo video.

Electric Purple

"This vibrant new color features a two-tone purple design with white PlayStation shapes for added contrast."

Red Camouflage

"Black, red and brown take on the iconic controller camouflage pattern paired with silver detailing for extra flare."

Titanium Blue

"A metallic top cover with light blue detailing is complemented by a matte blue back with this new addition to our metallic line."

Rose Gold


"A gold metallic finish and subtle rose hue offers a sleek and sophisticated metallic option."

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