CMON's Rising Sun Gets New Comic Series With Game Content

CMON's Rising Sun will get a three issue comics series featuring new game content later this year. Earlier this week, IDW announced they would launch a three issue Rising Sun miniseries written by Ron Marz and David Rodriguez and illustrated by Martin Coccolo. The miniseries stars Chiyoko of the Koi Clan as she leads a team of elite warriors to protect Japan from dragons. Each issue will contain exclusive content made to "enhance" the play experience for owners of the popular board game. The first issue of the IDW miniseries will be released this November.

Rising Sun is a strategy board game for three to five players set in Feudal Japan. Players must navigate a balance of diplomacy, negotiations, and warfare while trying to gain the favor of the Kami, the spirits worshipped in Shintoism. Each player controls a clan with unique abilities, and they can recruit powerful monsters onto their side to help expand their territory. They also have to track their Honor, which determines who goes first and breaks certain ties. Designed by Eric Lang, the game also featured dozens of CMON's signature detailed miniatures. Rising Sun raised over $4.2 million in a Kickstarter campaign and was tremendously popular when released last year, earning multiple award nominations. Four expansions have also been released to date, one of which was exclusive to Kickstarter.


Speaking to ICv2 about the new series, Rodriguez said ""Rising Sun has a huge amount of world-building and deep backstory with the Clans, and it’s been great creating characters representing aspects of those clans and throwing them together."

The three issue miniseries will begin in November.