Simple Apex Legends Feature Needs to Be Added in Season 4

When Apex Legends burst on the scene in early 2018, it was lauded for its innovative "ping" system that took communication in the battle royale genre to the next level. The feature was so useful that even Fortnite eventually copied it. That said, just because the feature was great doesn't mean it was perfect. It wasn't, and still isn't. There's numerous improvements that could be made to the system, some of which fans hope will be made for Season 4.

Full of hope, one player recently took to Reddit with a simple idea that would be a very welcomed Season 4 addition: allow players to ping items directly from the inventory. In other words, don't make them drop the item on the ground to ping them. This would save players a lot of time, and allow them to continue to carry the item if there's no takers.

Idea: Allow players to ping items directly from the inventory, without having to drop them on the ground. This would allow you to continue to carry the items and only drop them if team mates need them from r/apexlegends

Of course, this isn't a game-changing feature or even something that Respawn needs to prioritize, however, the suggestion did shoot straight to the top of the game's Reddit page, suggesting players not only like the idea, but want Respawn to see it. Besides, it's not like Apex Legends is going to get or really needs many game-changing features at this point. It needs more quality-of-life features. Save the game-changing additions for when the game is danger of dying.


Apex Legends is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more news, media, and information on the game, click here. Below, you can read more about why it's one of our Games of the Year:

"I could gush about Apex Legends for a long time. Again, there's a reason I obsessively played it everyday, on my lunch breaks, and into the early morning as far as my body would take me. That said, there were shortcomings that did start to wear at me towards the end of my fixation with it. Lack of content, a meta that dissolved into third-partying, and considerable server issues really did weigh down the experience at time. Yet, I kept playing. With nothing to work towards and with lag sometimes ruining matches, I kept playing and playing and playing, because the feeling of winning, the feeling of mowing a team down with a peacekeeper, was as good as anything this year."

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