New Pokemon Sword and Shield Rivals Revealed

As part of the newly announced Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, it was revealed today that the games will be adding new rivals in addition to new Pokemon forms, areas, and more. While we have only really been shown the first look at the new rivals, they are actually available to meet in the video games right now!

More specifically, the new rivals are Klara and Avery, appearing in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, respectively. Klara is a Poison-type Pokemon trainer, while Avery is a Psychic-type Pokemon trainer. They'll feature prominently in the first bit of Expansion Pass DLC, The Isle of Armor, which is set to release at some point in June. In it, they are trainers at a dojo of the legendary trainer Mustard, who is also new to the franchise, but the new rivals are currently available to meet for the first time at Wedgehurst Station after players apply today's update.

Here's the official artwork for Klara:

Klara pokemon body
(Photo: Nintendo)

And here's the official artwork for Avery:

Avery pokemon body
(Photo: Nintendo)

Here's the official description for Klara and Avery, straight from the press release announcing the Expansion Pass:

"They’re skilled Trainers of Poison-type Pokémon and Psychic-type Pokémon, respectively, and they’re training hard so that they can someday set up a Gym and stadium for their own type. Trainers will face a different rival depending on which game they’re playing. Klara specializes in Poison-type Pokémon and is training hard at Mustard’s dojo. She’ll do just about anything to appear adorable and cute, as popularity is what she admires most of all. She goes about her days with a smile on her face, but hiding behind it is a calculating nature that she puts to very good use. Avery is one of the Trainers who strive to become stronger at Mustard’s dojo, and he is a proficient user of Psychic-type Pokémon. He is gentlemanly and well-mannered but also very proud."


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Pokemon Sword and Shield are currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The Expansion Pass, one for Sword and one for Shield, are currently available to pre-order via Nintendo's eShop for $29.99 each. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Pokemon right here.