Here's When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next DLC Character May Be Revealed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's next DLC character may be revealed sooner than some Nintendo Switch gamers think. As you will know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster hasn't been added to since Terry Bogard in November, and the farther away we get from November, the closer we get to the game's next DLC character. Right now, we don't know who that character is. There's rumors suggesting it could be the Doomslayer, Master Chief, Lloyd, Jonesy, and many, many more characters. At this point, it could be anyone, and the longer it takes for a reveal, the more desperate fans of the platform fighter get for more information.

Now, this week a new Nintendo Direct went down for Pokemon. For a lot of Nintendo fans, this ruled out that we'll be getting another Nintendo Direct this month. And the line of thinking here is that when Nintendo reveals the game's next DLC character it will be during a Direct, and this is a pretty safe assumption. Thus, this means the game's next fighter won't be revealed this month. However, there being a Pokemon direct this week doesn't rule out another Direct this month as much as it reveals that there was enough Pokemon information to warrant its own Direct.

That said, recently Devil May Cry's Matt Walker revealed that Nintendo Switch fans will get some special information on January 16. Now, this could be a random day that Capcom has decided to make an announcement. Not only is this plausible, but probable. However, as you may remember, a "leak" from earlier this month claimed that a Nintendo Direct was going down on January 16, the same day as the aforementioned reveal. Now, is this a coincidence? Sure, but there's no doubting that it's a bit odd. And of course, this has also led to some even suggesting maybe the game's next DLC character is from Devil May Cry, which some previous rumors have claimed.


Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only are we dealing with unofficial information, but speculation on top of it.

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