Gears of War Creator Details the Alien Game He Almost Made

Cliff Bleszinski is best known as the creator of Gears of War, but he finished his career at Boss Key Productions, a studio he founded in 2014 that went on to make LawBreakers and Radical Heights before closing down in 2018. These days, Bleszinski isn't involved with games, but he has been talking about his time at Boss Key Productions and games in general lately. For example, recently he suggested Gears of War has become "too woke." Meanwhile, more recently, he revealed that he and his studio almost made an Alien game with Fox, but then the Disney acquisition happened and the project was lost in the shuffle.

According to the legendary developer, Ripley would still be alive in the game, and you would play as Newt on Earth where the Weyland-Yutani are weaponizing the aliens in a Black Mesa style facility before all hell breaks loose.

"Fun fact: Before Boss Key Productions shut down we were in talks to do a new game in the Aliens franchise with Fox. Then Disney bought them and that got lost in the shuffle, darnit. Ripley would be alive and be your "Cortana/Anya." You'd play as grown Newt. On Earth. Weyland-Yutani are weaponizing the aliens in a Black Mesa style facility and, of course, all hell breaks loose. Your robotic pal i.e. Bishop? A new one named "Casey" after her doll in Aliens.


Elsewhere in the thread, Bleszinski noted that he always said he'd never want to work on someone else's IP, unless it was Alien (or Transformers). In other words, it sounds like it was going to be a passion project for the creator.

Anyway, as always, feel free to drop a comment or two letting us know what you think. Would you be interested in seeing an Alien game with Bleszinski at the helm of its development?

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