3000 Scoundrels Board Game Reveals Release Date

Unexpected Games has finally announced when its anticipated new game 3000 Scoundrels will hit stores and tabletops, and fans can get their hands on the new Wild West engine-building game on October 7th. 3000 Scoundrels allows players to customize their experience with over 3000 combinations of Scoundrels that you can hire towards your quest for victory, but you'll also need to successfully bluff your opponents and utilize your crew's special abilities in hopes that you can walk away with the win. 3000 Scoundrels retails for $49.95 and can be pre-ordered from the Asmodee online store right here, and you can find the official description below.

"In 3000 Scoundrels, 2-4 players enter an alternative history Wild West, assuming the roles of rival crew leaders attempting to steal futuristic technology left behind by a mysterious man known only as the Traveler. During the game, players build their crew of scoundrels by layering transparent "job cards'' with "trait cards," making a team that's ideally suited for their strategy. Each turn, they'll play a poker card face down, then use all of their scoundrels that match that card – but they don't have to tell the truth... and savy players will understand the power of bluffing their way to the top. At the game's end, the player with the most tech will claim victory and determine the fate of the American Frontier."

(Photo: Unexpected Games)

3000 Scoundrels Key Features:

Mix-and-Match Potential: 3000 Scoundrels includes 60 clear job cards, 50 trait cards, 4 leader sheets, 28 Poker cards, 8 strategy cards, 1 game board, and more. Transparent job cards and trait cards can be mixed and matched to create thousands of scoundrels, meaning no two games will ever be the same.

Unique Characters: Players create their wacky crew of scoundrels, each with a unique name and ability, like gaining money or stealing technology. Build your engine by using cards to form the ultimate heist crew.

Breathtaking Artwork: 3000 Scoundrels features beautiful Wild-West-and-Sci-fi-inspired artwork, dripping with personality on every card. Each player gets a leader sheet that comes with a unique comic showing their side of the conflict, giving tons of lore and backstory in the game's patented quirky style.

(Photo: Unexpected Games)

Cards for Every Strategy: With thousands of combinations, any player can draft a crew of scoundrels that synergizes with their strategy and helps inform what cards they'll play and bluffs they'll use.

Satisfying Victories: To succeed, players need to outsmart their foes by careful bluffs and killer insight. The winner is the one that collects the most technology by outplaying rival leaders, not just by bluffing but also by misleading their opponents. Trick your foe into stealing a weak technology, or take a chance to steal a powerful one from right under their nose. If you win, you should feel like a criminal mastermind.

3000 Scoundrels hits stores on October 7th, and make sure to be on the lookout for our full review of 3000 Scoundrels on ComicBook.com soon.

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