Amazon Launches One-Day Black Friday Deals on PC Gaming Gear


Amazon has several one-day Black Friday deals going for for PC gamers that are interested in upgrading their gear. The lineup includes monitors, laptops, peripherals, and more. There are also separate deals on networking equipment, storage, and streaming devices that are worth checking out. Let's break it down:

The core deals on PC gaming gear can be found here. Inside you'll find some pretty massive discounts on several monitors along with Razer, Logitech, and HyperX peripherals and components. There's also laptops from Alienware, Acer, ASUS and more thrown in there for good measure.

If you would like to get into streaming, Amazon has another one-day deal going on right here that includes deals on webcams, microphones, green screens, networking equipment and more.

Speaking of networking equipment, Amazon is also running a Black Friday deal on Netgear modems, routers, mesh systems, switches, and extenders. You can check out that deal right here.

Finally, Amazon's Black Friday storage sale includes discounts on external hard drives - mostly from Seagate. There's also a few internal drives and a microSD card or two. You can browse through those deals here.


Again, these deals only last through Black Friday, so you'll need to grab the items you need before the clock strikes midnight. You can check out all of Amazon's Black Friday deals right here.

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