Amazon Disappoints PlayStation Players With New PS5 Restock

Amazon has released new PS5 stock, but not for everybody. Since the PS5 released, Amazon has been slow to restock the PS5. While Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and others have regularly released new PS5 stock, Amazon restocks have been few and far between. That said, when Amazon has released new stock, it's been appreciable in size, unlike some of the aforementioned retailers. However, this week, it bucked this trend when it released its new PS5 stock, but only in Italy.

Not only was this week's restock limited to Amazon Italy, but there's been no word of a restock for any other region. In other words, PlayStation fans in North America, Asia, and elsewhere have been left out in the cold. And unfortunately for PlayStation customers still searching for the PS5, there's no word of any restocks this week across any retailer.

Yesterday, GameStop released new PS5 stock and was promptly called out for how it handled the restock. While many were able to secure an order, many were left vexed. In other words, perhaps it's for the better that Amazon has been slow to re-release the PS5 and avoid bad PR in the process.

While retailers have struggled with restocking the PS5, Sony has its own headaches. Of course, the lack of supply comes down to production issues, but on top of this, it's now under investigation for a big issue with the PS5 controller. However, despite this issue, and despite other issues with the console itself, the PS5 continues to be the most in-demand piece of hardware on earth.


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