AMD Shares Fake Xbox Series X Mock-Up During CES Presentation

The beginning of a new console era is always a time for excitement. Unfortunately, it's also a time when fake specs and news get shared the most. Typically, these come from unreliable sources, but occasionally a major source makes a mistake along the way. That happened today during AMD's CES 2020 presentation when the chipmaker unknowingly shared a doctored image of the new Xbox Series X console which seemed to show the upcoming system's ports. While that might not sound like the most exciting news, outlets naturally rushed to share the news about the system's capabilities, forcing Microsoft to step in and clear things up a couple hours after the story was shared across the internet.

After Microsoft released their statement, AMD explained that the image actually came from the website TurboSquid, which provides 3D renders. Apparently, someone from AMD grabbed one of the Xbox Series X images from the site for the company's CES presentation, not knowing they weren't official Xbox images.

It's certainly not the best look when a presentation is marred by this sort of mistake, particularly at a conference where technology is the central focus. That said, it's easy to see how accidents like these can happen. It just so happens that AMD made the mistake of using an unofficial image during the part of the console news cycle where everything is a bit more scrutinized. With Microsoft intentionally keeping mum on the system's ports thus far, their faux pas was elevated into something much more newsworthy than it might have been. They'll likely not make that mistake again!


The image found on TurboSquid included two USB-C ports and two HDMI ports, piquing the curiosity of some gamers. While fans are likely disappointed that the news turned out to be false, they won't have to wait much longer to find out what the system is capable of. The Xbox Series X is slated to release later this year, so more news should be revealed in the very near future.

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