More Among Us Announcements Teased for E3

Among Us made an appearance at the start of Summer Game Fest with developer InnerSloth introducing [...]

Among Us made an appearance at the start of Summer Game Fest with developer InnerSloth introducing a new content roadmap to its community, but it seems that's not the extent of the studio's E3 plans. The developer teased this week that there's even more to look forward to during the weekend, but no specifics about what might happen were teased by InnerSloth itself. Xbox has its big event planned for Sunday where it'll share the stage with Bethesda, so that seems like the most likely stage where Among Us will appear once again.

InnerSloth tweeted about its upcoming Among Us announcements during a lull between news after the Summer Game Fest presentation end before the weekend gets fully underway. The developers teased the community by telling them to keep an eye out this weekend for more Among Us news to share.

If you're one of the many Among Us players trying to figure out what the announcement(s) might be, release dates for Xbox and PlayStation consoles are one possibility. Among Us was first confirmed for Xbox consoles late last year with only a 2021 date given with PlayStation following suit earlier this year with its own announcement. If the dates were to be announced anytime soon, the Xbox stage seems a good a place as any. A PlayStation release date naturally wouldn't be announced on that stage, but PlayStation could always follow Xbox again with an "us too!" tweet right after Among Us makes an appearance.

Xbox replied to the InnerSloth tweet to say it had some announcements to spare which could be banter or could be a tease itself, but we won't know for sure until Sunday.

The PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game were briefly mentioned in the Among Us roadmap released on Thursday, but of course, no date was given. Victoria Tran, community coordinator for Among Us, said in the post that she couldn't give the date for the console versions of the game at the time. That's not exactly an indicator that the date is far out nor is it a hint at being close, so Sunday's still on the table.

If you can't wait for the console releases and want to play Among Us on something other than a mobile device or a PC, you can always play on the Nintendo Switch if you have one of those consoles. Among Us is also coming to Xbox Game Pass at some point when it releases on Xbox consoles.