These Animal Crossing Funko Pop Concepts Will Make You Wish They Were Real

There aren’t any official Animal Crossing Funko Pops available on the market, but after seeing some concepts for what they could look like Animal Crossing fans will be wishing more than ever that there was some sort of Pop figure for them to buy. Artist John Lucas Reyes who creates custom concepts for Funko Pops and operates under the name Riverspoons Studios shared some ideas for what Animal Crossing Funko Pops could look like this week. With New Horizons now available as the latest game that’s dominating people’s time on the Nintendo Switch, the concepts look even better than they would’ve normally.

The Riverspoons Studios artist shared the creations on social media to first show off one set of potential Funko Pop designs. After seeing how well they were received, Reyes followed up with some more ideas of different villagers and various key characters from the Animal Crossing franchise.

Three different sets of Animal Crossing concepts for Funko Pops were shared by the artist, each of which can be found below to see what your favorite Animal Crossing character would look like as one of Funko’s collectibles.


There aren’t many Funko Pops from Nintendo properties, so seeing Animal Crossing Funko Pops made anytime soon seems unlikely even though the cast of the Animal Crossing franchise gives a lot of material to work with. Pokemon Funko Pops are all people can hope to find right now, though perhaps eventually we’ll get more Animal Crossing collectibles from New Horizons – whether from Funko or not – to round out Animal Crossing players’ collections.

You can check out other concepts for Funko Pops through the artist’s Riverspoons Studios site.