'Apex Legends' Cosplayer Becomes Wraith With Incredible Body Paint Art

A well-known body paint artist on Twitch has turned to Apex Legends for one of her latest projects [...]

A well-known body paint artist on Twitch has turned to Apex Legends for one of her latest projects to become Wraith, one of the nine playable characters in Respawn Entertainment's game. The streamer known as KayPikeFashion who's painted herself as all kinds of different characters including Evelynn and Kai'Sa from League of Legends Sheik from the Zelda series streamed for several hours recently to turn herself into Wraith. The results of that project can be seen below as the streamer and artist recreated some of Wraith's movements players will see in-game.

KayPikeFashion's full video showing her Apex Legends transformation process can be seen here and is nearly 14 hours long. Throughout the video, the streamer interacts with followers while using an image of Wraith as a reference and painting the Legend's unique colors on herself. Putting on a mask to finish the Wraith look at the end of the video, the artist copied Wraith's pained expression the character makes in Apex Legends in the brief clip seen below that was shared to the game's subreddit.

The Voices.... Void Specialist Wraith Fanart I painted... On Myself. from r/apexlegends

The art unsurprisingly was received extremely well on the forum where Apex Legends fans applauded KayPikeFashion for her work. Developers even responded to the post to praise it as well and called the streamer and the rest of her work incredible.

Wraith has been a popular pick for Apex Legends cosplays since the game released and players started picking out their favorite Legends. One cosplayer received praise for her Wraith creation not long ago while another showed off a similarly impressive Wraith shortly afterwards. The support Legend Lifeline has also been a popular cosplay choice. For those who don't have the budget or desire to go all-out like the other cosplayers did, there's always a low-budget cosplay option to bring the Legends to life as evidenced by some Gibraltar and Pathfinder cosplays.

KayPikeFashion said within the comments of her post that she'd love to become Octane too, that character being the latest Legend to join the game's roster.


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