Abusing Apex Legends' "Ghost Rock" Exploit Will Get Players Banned

The new season of Apex Legends has an exploit involving rocks that many players are probably familiar with for now, but it’s an exploit that’s getting fixed. That fix was supposed to go out this week on Tuesday but has been delayed momentarily for “quality-control reasons,” though it’d be ill-advised to try to utilize it while it’s still around. Since Apex developer Respawn Entertainment is well aware of the issue, exploiting the rock situation is a bannable offense, the creators warned.

The update on the status of the Apex update meant to fix the “ghost rock” exploit went out shortly after the update itself was announced. Two separate updates were set to release on Tuesday, but the one involving the exploit’s fixed got pushed back. Respawn reiterated in its follow-up tweet the bannable nature of the exploit, so it’s best to leave it alone if you now how to reproduce the cheat.

“Fixed a rock on Phase Runner that lacked collision detection (no more hiding inside ghost rocks),” the patch notes for the fix from Respawn read.

The rest of that update that went live in the late afternoon of Tuesday was comprised of balance changes for two of the game’s most overpowered weapons: The Spitfire and the Bocek. The Bocek emerged quite strong at the start of the newest season while the Spitfire’s persistent (and honestly underrated) power grew to be too much when Season 9 kicked off. Both of those weapons’ nerfs should be live now with only the exploit fix delayed from that update.


Phase Runner, for those who haven’t played on it yet, is one of the new Arenas maps which was added with the new season alongside the Bocek bow and the newest Legend, Valkyrie. The Phase Runner map is one of several that are exclusive to the game mode where teams play in 3v3 settings. Two maps are totally unique to Arenas matches while three other options announced previously are slices of the game’s Worlds Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus maps.

An update on the release of the exploit fix hasn’t been shared yet beyond the one provided above, so we should expect to see more information about the incoming fix as that info is made available.