'Apex Legends' Joins Mixer's HypeZone

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have partnered with Mixer to add Apex Legends to the HypeZone to highlight streamers’ most intense moments near the end of matches.

Since December 2017, Mixer has been spotlighting streamers through the HypeZone feature that dedicates different channels to games like Fortnite and now Apex Legends. If a streamer’s nearing the end of the match and looks to have a shot at winning, the HypeZone will flip to their stream to broadcast their gameplay to everyone watching the channel, so Apex Legends players can now get much more attention through the streaming platform if they’re nearing a win.

“Today, we’re thrilled to announce that in partnership with our friends at EA and Respawn, HypeZone Apex Legends has officially arrived!” Mixer’s announcement said. “Starting right now, you can head over to Mixer.com/HypeZoneApexLegends to see all the top action – all pulled from Legends right here on Mixer.”

The channel’s live now with different streamers already making their HypeZone debuts as the number of players dwindles. As streamers either win or get eliminated, different streams will be broadcasted through the HypeZone channel.

Mixer also announced that a new feature called HypeZone Leaderboards would be added to the streaming platform. Apex Legends will be the first game to feature the leaderboards that’ll track streamers’ performances and will even grant them rewards if they keep winning.

“Debuting first on the Apex Legends HypeZone, you’ll be able to track wins and kills for the top 10 streamers featured in HypeZone each week,” the Leaderboards announcement said. “You can toggle the leaderboard at any time by clicking the ‘MixPlay’ button underneath the stream. Leaderboards provide yet another great opportunity to discover new streamers on Mixer, and we look forward to running weekly competitions for prizes to reward those who can overcome the pressure of being in the HypeZone.

More details on the weekly competitions associated with these Leaderboards are scheduled to come soon, Mixer’s announcement said. There’s also a MixPot sweepstakes going on that’ll give away 200,000 Starter Packs to people who watch the HypeZone from now until March 12th. There’s no guarantee watching the channel will earn people an Apex Legends Starter Pack, but watching the channel is the only way to win one with full details on that found here.



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