Apex Legends: Overtime Comic Series Releasing in June

Apex Legends is moving into another storytelling medium soon with the release of the Apex Legends: [...]

Apex Legends is moving into another storytelling medium soon with the release of the Apex Legends: Overtime comic series set for June 2nd. Respawn Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics announced the collaboration this week and set the release date for the first of four issues in Apex Legends: Overtime that'll expand on the already evolving story featured in Apex Legends. It'll feature the powerful group known as the Syndicate and, judging from the artwork we've seen so far and the description of the series, some, if not all, of the game's Legends.

Written by Jesse Stern, penciled by Neil Edwards, inked by Keith Champagne with cover art by Bengal, the first look at the Apex Legends: Overtime comic series was revealed this week. The cover art shared below by the Apex Legends Twitter account shows both Crypto and Mirage looking at a character who closely resembles Revenant, though we only see enough of the robotic character to hint at its identity.

A preview of the first issue in the series shared on Dark Horse's site sets up the conflict between the Legends who participate in the Apex Games and the Syndicate group which hopes to fix the outcomes of the battle royale matches.

"The Legends from the battle royale video game find themselves pulled together to rescue the city from Mad Scientists, brutal assassins, and the sudden and sinister grip of the Syndicate, a corrupt cabal attempting to ''fix'' arena outcomes in their favor," a preview of the comic series read. "Will the Legends hold up to their celebrity status and be the heroes Solace needs?"

This will be the first physical comic series that Apex Legends has gotten, though the game's already dabbled in comics through in-game events. Players can collect comic pages during seasons to read up on interactions and stories between Legends themselves which in turn help explain the characters' dispositions towards each other. Apex Legends has similarly expanded its story through in-game dialogue and flashy cinematics in the past.

This also isn't the first time Dark Horse has helped expand Apex Legends through media outside of the game. Apex Legends: Pathfinder's Quest was announced by Dark Horse last year, an art book which offers unique insights into the story of Apex Legends and is currently available to purchase.

Apex Legends: Overtime's first issue will be released on June 2nd.