Apex Legends Patch Includes Fix for Recent Crashes

After working on Apex Legends' server problems throughout the weekend, Respawn Entertainment released a new update for the game on Wednesday in hopes of fixing the problems players have been encountering since the start of the Evolution event. Players were able to download the update on Wednesday prior to Respawn's official announcement, but shortly afterwards, a set of patch notes was released to detail everything that had changed. Topping the list of patch notes was a solution that was supposed to resolve crashing errors players were experiencing, though it's not guaranteed that players will be without crashes entirely.

Those patch notes can be seen below for those who might've missed them when they were shared initially. Headlining the list is the change Apex players have been looking for over the past couple of days: "Fixed a crashing error sometimes caused by equipping animated banner poses."

The whole animated banner pose discussion largely stems from a post on Reddit where someone said they believed they'd found out what he issue was behind a significant number of the crashes experienced after the update. People started telling others to remove their animated banners from Legends' customization options to prevent crashes. While it initially seemed like a funky placebo effect to many, it appears there was some merit to the workaround after all.

"There's no obvious reason – looking at the code – why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often – I never saw this bug in testing, nor did QA, but I know the bug is happening," said Apex Legends game designer Jordan Rapp within the Reddit post. "And I can definitely believe this post – that epic banner poses are triggering this more often, because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don't try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn't apply. Maddeningly, it's not 100%. As others in this chat have said, it doesn't happen every time. And, again, we had no reports of this during testing."

While the goal of the Apex patch overall was to resolve server issues, it actually appears to have caused some problems itself shortly after it was released. Respawn followed up not long afterwards to say that it "pushed some server-side changes that should solve issues with slow-mo servers and poor performance," so those problems that ensued after the update's release should hopefully be better now alongside the game's servers overall.

Respawn extended the first ranked split of the season to make up for the server problems, so players have a few more days to grind out their points now before we shift to the second and final ranked split.