Apex Legends Devs Share Update on Server Issues

If you've been playing Apex Legends over the past few days since the release of the Evolution Collection Event, you've most likely had at least one or two matches where you or someone on your team encountered server issues. Disconnects and other problems have been side effects of the stability issues that have affected the game since the release of that update, and in the latest development on the matter shared this week, Respawn Entertainment said it's planning to increase the server capacity on Thursday with more fixes planned for Friday.

The latest update on the Apex server situation was shared by Respawn on Thursday through a tweet that recounted some of the past problems and said what's coming. Though the fixes coming on Thursday and Friday should help the matter, Respawn cautioned Apex players that he full range of problems will still need to be worked on over the weekend, so don't expect things to be fully resolved over the next day or so.

Even if you haven't been getting timed out yourself in Apex over the past few days, you've likely seen a teammate or two drop in with the disconnected symbol next to their names to show that they never fully loaded into the match. The teammates can typically get back into the game after a brief delay assuming they make an effort to do so, but it often requires closing out of the application and restarting it to get back into the game.

The solution that some players have come up with in the meantime is to land in less contested areas so that the stationary teammates have a lesser chance of getting attacked before they're back in the game. Even better, punching your teammates into a building or an alcove gives them added protection until they're back. It's not a perfect solution by any means, and it often means compromising on loot or hot drops, but it's one answer at least.

Following Respawn's latest update on the problems, many players have been asking for an extension of the first ranked split of the season. That ranked split is set to end in a matter of days, but seeing how the server problems affect ranked modes as well as the normal matches, it's made it particularly hard to gain points without having a full team to help.


We'll likely get more updates on the situation over the course of the next few days, so expect to see those from Respawn as progress is made.