Apex Legends Season 8 Will Add Gold Weapon Magazines

Apex Legends is getting a shiny new weapon attachment for players to hunt for in Season 8 that’ll automatically reload their guns for them. The new attachment that comes with that powerful perk is the Gold Magazine, and while it already sounds like it’ll be a powerful addition to the weapon and attachment pool, its Gold rarity means it won’t be an easy item to find. Players caught their first glimpse of the new attachment from a description of the game’s Season 8 gameplay trailer and got to see it in action briefly when the trailer was revealed on Tuesday.

Starting at the 1:35 mark in the trailer below, you can see the Gold Magazine for a heavy weapon on the ground. It’s scooped up by Rampart who’s using a Spitfire, and after reloading her weapon with the new attachment, she proceeds to unload on her enemies.

The Gold Magazines don’t actually have more ammo capacity than a Purple Magazine does, however, so don’t expect to be loading your weapon with such extreme amounts of ammo. Rampart’s passive which lets the Legend pack more ammo into LMGs makes it seem like the weapon attachment will do the same, but it’s clarified in the text within the trailer that this attachment has the “same capacity as Purple with added autoloader perk.”

Prior to the gameplay reveal, Apex Legends senior game designer Daniel Z. Klein replied to a post on Reddit that highlighted the Gold Magazines after their existence was confirmed in the preview of the scheduled gameplay trailer. The weapon attachment will indeed automatically reload players’ weapons for them when they swap to their second weapon, but Klein cautioned that it wasn’t as overpowered as it might seem at first glance.

“I think some of you imagine this to be a lot faster than it is,” Klein said. “There's a good delay before a holstered weapon is reloaded, and if it turns out that delay isn't long enough, we can always increase it. This shouldn't be usable for cheating out of a reload; this should be for switching to another weapon, using it for a bit, and then switching back to your reloaded initial weapon.”


The reload effect itself was not showcased in the gameplay trailer, so it’s unclear at this time just how long it takes for a weapon that uses the Gold Magazine to automatically reload.

Apex Legends Season 8 starts on February 2nd.