Apex Legends Bringing Back One of Its Best Limited-Time Modes

Apex Legends will soon play host to winter festivities as part of the Wintertide Collection Event, and included in that is a feature that only comes around every so often: the Winter Express train. This train that speeds around World's Edge is part of the game mode of the same name which takes place only on that map and tasks players with gaining control of the train and accruing points to win. All of this and more is coming back on December 6th whenever the new event gets underway.

While this'll be the first time some have played the Winter Express game mode, it'll be a familiar to-do for others. Similar to the Gun Game mode that was playable earlier in the year, this one gives players set loadouts and doesn't feature a bleed-out mode, so players die instantly as soon as they're downed. Three squads compete against each other in a match (at least that was the way it worked last time), and healing items are infinite to keep players in the game until they're bested.

Of course, this game mode and the wintery World's Edge train won't be by themselves in Apex whenever this event gets underway. Since it's a Collection Event, there will be plenty of overpriced cosmetics for players to either purchase with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals or to acquire via Apex Packs. These include Legendary skins for Bangalore, Crypto, Newcastle, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound as well as unique weapon skins to go along with those Legends' cosmetics. If you unlock all 24 items, you get a Prestige skin for Wraith.

"Unlock all 24 limited-time items during this event and you'll unlock Wraith's new Prestige skin, the 'Apex Voidshifter.' Prestige skins grow more elaborate with repeated use, so wear them often and show your stuff in the Games!"

For those not wanting to spend anything on the event, you can play from December 6th to December 27th to work your way through a rewards tracker that includes things like holos, weapon charms, and skins.


Apex Legends' Wintertide Collection Event begins on December 6th with the Winter Express game mode and more starting then.