'Apex Legends' Player Finds a Unique Wraith Animation

An Apex Legends player has discovered a unique animation some people might’ve seen during games [...]

An Apex Legends player has discovered a unique animation some people might've seen during games where they play as Wraith. The animation has Wraith throwing up the "okay" symbol on one hand after using her Tactical ability and returning from the void once the duration is over, though it won't happen every time the Legend uses the ability. It's one of several rare animations that different Legends seem to have when using their abilities or certain weapons.

Reddit user TheCbullet51 who's a Wraith main, according to their post and profile, is responsible for the GIF below that shows Wraith performing the gesture after Into the Void is used. Wraith will hold her fist closed while channeling the ability just as she always does, but it's the end of the move that's different in this animation.

via Gfycat

This Wraith move isn't the only unique animation that players have found in Apex Legends. Chances are players have used the Peacekeeper quite a bit, a gun that's remained strong despite being nerfed, which means one of these weapon animations might've already been seen. When using the gun with one hand such as when someone's on a zipline or Bangalore is readying a volley of smoke grenades, Legends will spin the gun around Terminator-style to ready the next shot. The G7 Scout also has its own unique reload animation that's seen ever so often.

The game's newest Legend, Octane, also has a few different animations for his Tactical ability that speeds him up, but it's the character's running animation that's caught the attention of players. Octane goes knees to chest and chops the air stiffly when running, an animation that Respawn Entertainment developers themselves said made them laugh all throughout the motion capture process.

Wraith's been a popular Legend since the game released and a frequent pick for showcasing animations like this one, cosplay, and fan art. One of the most recent forms of these fan-made creations came from a Twitch streamer and body painter who turned herself into Wraith.


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