New Armored Warfare: Caribbean Crisis Expansion Released

(Photo: Obsidian Entertainment)

A new expansion for Armored Warfare went live this week, and courtesy of publisher, a press release accompanying it detailed all of the action-packed additions that come with it. Check out the trailer below:

The expansion introduces plenty of new things to the game, including a special new map, the ability to participate in night battles, an overhaul to the game's dossier UI, and more. Here's a short rundown provided by the studio:

  • Grassy Fields PvP Map: The new PvP Map Grassy Fields, is set in the open countryside of eastern Croatia and is ideal for armored vehicle operations. It offers numerous flanking opportunities as well as positions from which accurate fire can be delivered upon the opponent. Don’t admire the beauty and serenity of the environment for too long – the enemy might be lurking behind every tree.
  • Night Battles: Introduced as an exclusive feature for the new Grassy Fields map are Night Battles! The new night fighting game mode will be available to both PvP and PvE versions of the map. Players can use their vehicle’s night vision devices and thermal optics to master the art of warfare in the darkness of moonless nights. Limited visibility will make spotting difficult, improving the importance of reconnaissance and battlefield awareness.
  • Epic Medals: Among further additions and improvements, all new ‘Epic Medals’ will be introduced in this update. Epic Medals are awarded for truly notable achievements such as scoring a certain number of kills in a single match or spotting more than nine enemy vehicles to name but a few.
  • AI in Low-Tier PvP: To improve the gameplay experience of Armored Warfare on the lower tiers and help new players learn the basics of PvP combat, AI controlled opponents will be available on Tier 1 and Tier 2 battles. The AI opponents will join and complement each team and will behave like actual players, trying to not only kill the enemy, but also to capture bases.

Additionally, players are being given the chance to "shape the story of the game" with a new mode called "Special Operations," which is a "series challenging PvE missions" that connect to the ongoing story of the game itself. A new protagonist and antagonist have been added to guide the player along with three new co-op missions.

Armored Warfare is available now on PC and Playstation 4.