Hideo Kojima Reviews Netflix's Army of the Dead

With movie releases being more sparse over the past year, it has been quite some time since we have heard famed video game creator Hideo Kojima share his thoughts on the latest films that he has watched. For those that follow Kojima on social media, they've likely become aware that he's always looking to talk about the movies that he has seen in recent memory. And with Netflix's Army of the Dead likely being the biggest release of the past few weeks, Kojima has now informed fans what he thought of Zack Snyder's latest project.

Shared on Twitter recently, Kojima said that he watched Army of the Dead seemingly on Netflix rather than catching it in theaters. As for what he thought of it, the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator said that it entertained him quite a bit. "It was a painful, entertaining, snydering, zombie movie that entertained me by turning my head into a zombie, not to scare me, not to make me laugh, not to make a metaphor for society," Kojima expressed.

If you're trying to interpret what exactly Kojima meant by this, it definitely seems like he had fun with Army of the Dead. However, he does seem to be implying that it was a bit of mindless fun and nothing more. While some movies might try to have a specific aim or goal to say something greater about the world around us, others are just meant to be simple fun and nothing more. For Kojima, that's what he seemed to think Army of the Dead's purpose was and nothing more.


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