Attack on Titan 2 Adds New Battle Royale Mode, Expulsion (UPDATED)

(Photo: Wit Studio )

(UPDATE) The original report stated that this mode was called Destruction but the English press release just announced has it listed under Expulsion. Everything else is the same aside from the name itself.

Original story:

A new patch is available for Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan 2 and not only does it bring the usual bug fixes, but also a new Expulsion Mode as well. A battle royale (surprise!) experience that pits 6 players against each other to rack up points and take out the enemy.

According to a recent press release:

"Battle Royal style competitive mode with a maximum of 6 players, where players compete for the amount of points earned within a 4 minute time limit. Titan elimination points are points received when you take out Titans in battle and the player with the highest score wins. Players can choose a skill type out of 10 types that matches their playstyle, with base stats similar for each player. While players cannot directly attack other players, they may steal opportunities to defeat Titans and use items to obstruct other players, so eliminating Titans more quickly than anyone else becomes vital."

Items that obstruct opponents
This mode will have items that impede opponent progress such as Stun and Paint grenades, but there will be also items available to prevent them.

Opposing Titans
Enemy titans from the original work, including the likes of Female Titan and Armored Titan, will also appear. They have very high abilities and cannot be fought with half-baked strategies, but those who can kill them will be rewarded a lot of points.

Comeback chance
At the last minute of the match, the points obtained will be doubled. Players can make use of this feature to make a comeback.

Attack on Titan 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It is also available for the PS Vita in Japan, and the Xbox release is only set for the west.


We loved it here at ComicBook! Check out a small blurb from our full review below:

"Overall, Attack on Titan 2 may have had a slow start but the build up was definitely worth it. It was a sequel that was a clever repackaging of the first game without feeling like a repetitious buy. This title is the perfect jumping point for getting into the franchise as well, especially with out close it tied into the first game. From the fully immersive nature of gameplay, to the incredibly enthralling narrative ... Attack on Titan 2 is a must have for any anime fan looking for a solid "experience.