Attack on Titan 2 Predator Mode Is Now Available

It's time to gear up, Attack on Titan 2 players because the Predator Mode is now available for the [...]


It's time to gear up, Attack on Titan 2 players because the Predator Mode is now available for the game based off of the hit anime/manga series from Hajime Isayama. Even better, it lets you take on the role of a titan!

When the first Attack on Titan game from Omega Force dropped in 2016, fans of the gruesome anime and manga series were thrilled to find how true to source the title really was. Though the campaign was dreadfully short, it played very much like an overview of the entire show's first season. Attack on Titan 2 will place the player right back into the thick of it, though from a very different perspective.

The second game would have players feel like it takes place exactly where the first title left off. That's not necessarily the case and though the sequel has players basically relieve about 80% of the first game, it still felt incredibly fresh because you aren't one of the well-known scouts from the series, you're you! But don't worry, season 2 fans ... that wild ride is still very much a part of this adventure as well.

To make the gameplay experience even better, this new mode allows players to fight as the enemy - an actual Titan! The role reversal is a trip and it's definitely not the first game to do this either. For fans of the BioWare title Dragon Age: Origins, they also added a mode where you could take on a different perspective through their baddies: the darkspawn.

It's much more than a simple "see human, eat human" objective! To flesh out (heh) the experience a bit, the developers implemented mini-games and various missions for titans to take on. You can even kill off some of the main characters, like my favourite: Levi (please don't).

Attack on Titan 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC! To check out our thoughts on the latest title, see a small blurb from our full review below:

"Overall, Attack on Titan 2 may have had a slow start but the build up was definitely worth it. It was a sequel that was a clever repackaging of the first game without feeling like a repetitious buy. This title is the perfect jumping point for getting into the franchise as well, especially with out close it tied into the first game. From the fully immersive nature of gameplay, to the incredibly enthralling narrative ... Attack on Titan 2 is a must have for any anime fan looking for a solid gameplay experience."