New Avatar Game Releasing Soon, First Look Revealed

There's a new game set within the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender that's releasing soon with Square Enix London Mobile, Navigator Games, and Paramount Consumer Products announcing today the soft launch of Avatar: Generations. The free-to-play, turn-based RPG will be available on mobile devices starting this month in a couple of different regions first before it gains a wider release elsewhere. Coinciding with this soft launch announcement was a first look at some of the assets from the game including a teaser site, but we haven't yet seen gameplay or a trailer to see how Avatar: Generations plays.

The first artwork from the game showed a very familiar scene to anyone who's spent time with Avatar: The Last Airbender to any degree. It features Aang, Katara, and Sokka riding on Appa along with the game's name and the symbols for the four elements. The teaser site didn't offer much more in the way of info about the game, but a press release accompanying the announcement said that this soft launch will be limited to Canada, Denmark, South Africa and Sweden at the start and will only be playable via Android devices. A wider rollout in more territories as well as iOS support will follow afterwards.


"We are thrilled to unveil 'Avatar: Generations' as the second official title in production from Square Enix London Mobile and I can't wait for players to dive in later this year," Patrick Naud, head of mobile at Square Enix Montreal said in the press release. "Avatar: Generations represents Square Enix London Mobile's continued investment in publishing high-quality free-to-play mobile titles based on iconic IPs."

If this game sounds familiar, it could be because you heard of Square Enix's announcement from last year that it'd be working on an Avatar game. A mobile-only title in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe was perhaps not the news some were hoping for when wishing for a new entry in the series of video game adaptations, but a new game is a new game.

Or, perhaps you're thinking of a different game entirely: the Avatar: Reckoning game which is also for mobile devices but is based off of the James Cameron Avatar movie and not the Nickelodeon property. That game is a product of Archosaur Games, Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney, and Tencent and is also scheduled to release at some point this year.