'Avengers 4' Directors To Appear At The Game Awards

Geoff Keighley has been promising a huge showcase with The Game Awards next week, including [...]

Geoff Keighley has been promising a huge showcase with The Game Awards next week, including Obsidian Entertainment's latest project and possible Metroid Prime 4 gameplay from Nintendo. But now the showcase is bringing in the big guns -- the directing duo behind the next Marvel's Avengers movie, as well as this year's blockbuster Infinity War.


Keighley revealed on his Twitter page today that Joe and Anthony Russo will be presenters at next week's show, though he didn't say specifically what they would be presenting. You can see the announcement, as well as the custom image, below.

This is leading to all sorts of speculation in terms of what the Brothers might be bringing to the show. For all we know, it may just be a quick presentation of an award. But with Keighley specifically mentioning Avengers, there's one of two things that could happen.

The first, which may not be likely but isn't totally ruled out either, is a potential teaser trailer for Avengers 4. Fans have been waiting adamantly for this to premiere, though Marvel hasn't indicated when we would see it. However, considering that the film's release date is in early May, we're likely to see something soon. The question is, will the Game Awards be the place?

Then there's the second possible scenario -- a teaser for what could be Square Enix's first title in its agreement with Marvel. The company announced its deal long ago to make games based on the Avengers franchise, but we haven't seen anything on them at all. With The Game Awards, the publisher may very well tease something that could lead to a much bigger reveal at E3. Considering the excitement that's been generated by Marvel's Spider-Man since its release, this is the more likely possibility.

But, again, it could be just a regular presentation. That said, having the Russo Brothers on hand for the awards show is definitely a big deal. Maybe they'll bring Thanos…?

The Game Awards premieres on December 6th. We'll have full details on where to watch closer to the show.