Barack Obama References 'Pokemon' in New Video

With elections coming up in less than 30 days, a lot of folks are pressing people of all ages to [...]

With elections coming up in less than 30 days, a lot of folks are pressing people of all ages to "get out there and vote" in the hopes of making changes for their country. And former president Barack Obama is right there with them, releasing a new video with ATTN to encourage people to check in at their local polling places. However, he makes a rather strange reference to Pokemon in it.

In the video, which you can watch via the Twitter embed below, Obama explains the seven excuses that people make when it comes to not voting, and notes that people should tell their friends to not use said excuses. However, in his introduction, he drops the Pokemon reference.

At the start of the video, Obama explains how some folks just don't care about politics. He then adds, "Look, I don't care about Pokemon, but that doesn't mean that it won't keep on coming back."

"That's actually what people in power are betting on," he goes on to explain. "That you'll check out. That you won't vote. And when you opt out, that's what allows other people to essentially fill that void. It allows them to do nothing about the things that you'd like to see government do."

He sums up by basically saying that actually going out to vote is the opposite of what those in power want, so it's what you should do. In other words, politics is as unavoidable as Pokemon, so you might as well participate. If you really do want to get in on the vote, be sure to visit the official page and learn more about how you can get involved. And if not, Pokemon GO! will still be waiting when you get done.

You can watch the whole video above, and it nails down some other points as well. So if you need some convincing to vote or just need to know why it's so important, be sure to check it out. You've still got a little time to register!