Industry Insider Gives Update on New Batman Game

A prominent industry insider has provided a new update on the new Batman game in development at [...]

A prominent industry insider has provided a new update on the new Batman game in development at Warner Bros. Montreal. More specifically, reputable leaker and journalist Sabi has noted that the game has been having development issues, however, this hasn't changed the details they've reported in the past. In other words, the game still centers around a playable "bat family" and the Court of Owls, an organized crime group and secret society that has existed in Gotham City since the colonial times.

"The new Batman Arkham-style game, despite recent name changes and development issues, continues to feature a playable bat family and court of owl appearances, as I initially reported," said Sabi via their personal Twitter account."

The journalist and insider continued, noting the game is still in some capacity a type of soft reboot. For those that don't know: a "hard reboot" is when all previous continuity is removed. In other words, you're in the same universe, but you're restarting it. Meanwhile, a "soft reboot" is the opposite of this. It keeps everything established before it, but builds a story that is far removed from the original characters, story, and events. In short, think of it not as a restart, but a reintroduction or a new point to jump in.

"Simply put, the people I initially got the information for on the game have implied the articles about it not retaining the name and also being a sort of 'sort reboot' are at least partially correct," said Sabi. "It's good to note that the test lines up with what I initially shared."

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(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Unfortunately, this is where the details dry up, which means we still have no clue when Warner Bros. Montreal will finally reveal the game they've been teasing since September.

At the moment of publishing, there's no word when this untitled Batman game will release or what platforms it will be on, but presumably it will be a cross-gen release. That said, while it hasn't been confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, many games have. You can check out all of these confirmed next-gen games via the links below: