Battlefield 1 Getting Some Tweaks In Forthcoming Update

While the next update that’s coming to DICE’s hit Battlefield 1 may not be the most major in [...]


While the next update that's coming to DICE's hit Battlefield 1 may not be the most major in terms of content, it will be getting a few tweaks that will be making some players' experiences easier in the long run.

As noted on a live stream earlier this week, the developer has noted the forthcoming changes that will make things worthwhile. Amongst these – and probably the most important to some fans – is the introduction of Operations playlists. This will keep you from having to return to the main menu to start a new game after the old one concludes, so you can jump right back into the action without having to wait around. The company noted this was a "first step" in smoothing over the popular mode.

Some people have also become frustrated with how bayonets are performing in the game, but some tweaks will fix that. Damage reduction that comes from a bayonet charge has been taken out, removing the 15 percent less damage players had been experiencing. There's also less turning ability during a charge, so you can't come rushing around a corner with it – that's not exactly realistic anyway. DICE said it will also make note of other changes to the bayonet as time goes on.

As for the additional tweaks, they are as follows:

  • Domination's ticket count increases from 100 to 200
  • In Conquest, flag captures now count for less, but holding most points provides a bonus
  • Self-repair on all tanks is now the same: 200 health every five seconds
  • The Dogfighter and Bomber Killer have swapped gadgets
  • The AA gun's range on the ground has been reduced, but it can now hit targets further away in the air
  • The stationary AA and field guns can now be repaired; after taking a certain amount of damage, they'll become inoperable until they're fixed

A release date hasn't been provided for the update as of yet, but it's reportedly already in certification for consoles, and should arrive on PC any day now. DICE will more than likely notify us with an update once the patch goes live, and we can see just how much it changes what we're used to.

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.