'Battlefield V' Is Getting a New Tank and a Better Panzerstorm Map

Battlefield V’s next update has been detailed with a new tank and some improvements to the [...]

Battlefield V's next update has been detailed with a new tank and some improvements to the Panzerstorm map planned for the release.

Highlighting some of the main features of the next update, EA DICE said the Axis vehicle known as the Sturmgeschutz IV will make its first appearance when the update rolls out. Though technically considered an assault gun, the vehicle has a turret and a spot for another gunner on the top. It can be unlocked either by completing the game's Weekly Challenge or by finishing the third Chapter Event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

"The StuG IV's low silhouette makes it great for ambush tactics, and the turretless design makes it less vulnerable to enemy tanks," EA DICE said about the new vehicle in its extensive patch notes for the update. "Not having a turret is a bit of a drawback of course. StuG IV drivers have to align the hull of their tank in the direction of the enemy, in order to overcome the limited movement of their main cannon."

These types of vehicles excel on the Panzerstorm map which happens to be the exact battleground EA DICE is changing in this new update. More buildings and other "soft cover" like trees have been added to the map to give infantry and tank users additional cover when moving around the map following concerns from players that they were too vulnerable when not inside a vehicle.

"A common criticism of the map from infantry players is that they feel they are too exposed," EA DICE said while explaining the decision behind the map changes. "We've worked a lot to try and help you out with this. We've added lots of ditches and mounds along edges of fields to help you sneak up on tanks out in the open. We call it the 'Arras treatment', and if you're familiar with that map you will now find more height differences along ridges, stone walls, and roads, as well as deeper ditches next to those roads. Lots of these changes are fairly minor but will add up to a more enjoyable infantry life."

Other improvements found in the update pertain to features like footsteps, vaulting, and kill cams, some of which were addressed prior to the patch notes being released. The Practice Range is also being expanded on, all of those changes seen in the official notes.