Behind The Camera: Fallout 4 - Kellog, Diamond City, And Tons More You Weren't Meant To See

One of Bethesda's crowning franchises is the beloved Fallout. There is no denying the [...]


One of Bethesda's crowning franchises is the beloved Fallout. There is no denying the expansiveness that their latest installment has to offer, with multiple expansions and a vast wasteland - there's a lot to uncover. But as with most gamers, there is always more. Luckily for us, one YouTuber has an online series that helps uncover these secrets. Using camera tech and more, he finds what goes on behind the scenes while Preston is looking for more settlements that need your help.

YouTuber Shesez takes the camera both in-game and on the streets of IRL Boston to dig deep into the latest installment in the Fallout franchise. Though we don't have news of a Fallout 5 as of yet, that doesn't mean there isn't more to discover with Piper and the gang. The main focus of this edition of Boundary Break is to compare the real life Boston versus its game counterpart. There aren't many differences at first glance, but what would be the fun in just taking that at face value?

Using external programs, he even takes fans on an adventure to explore the starting area - you know, before the nuclear fallout. It's a nice break, given that in the actual game itself we don't get to see that beauty for very long. Despite the "overcompensation" of trees, without the bomb blast hanging over the player's head, it's interesting to see how expansive the developers made the pre-destruction scenery given that most players won't get to see it.

Kellog, enemies, different areas within the game - no place within the wasteland goes untouched. Fallout 4 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. To discover even more secrets, check out his YouTube channel here.