Best Buy Reveals Cyber Monday Gaming Deals

Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deals have been revealed for those looking to add to their gaming collections.

Cyber Monday hasn’t arrived yet, but like many other retailers, Best Buy is getting a head start on the discounts with the online sales live now. All of the gaming deals can be seen here with everything from individual games to the consoles that play them included in the options as well as everything in between that gamers might need to round out their experience.

Xbox One consoles, for example, can be bought for either $70 or $100 less than the normal prices depending on what you’re looking to get. Bundles like the Xbox One S Minecraft Creators Bundle with 1 TB of storage space included are $100 off their original price, that bundle available now at just $199.99. For anyone looking to upgrade to what’s currently the top device in Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One X is also on sale for the same discount, that device priced at just $399.99.

The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have any console deals like the Xbox One does, but new PlayStation 4 controllers are either $20 or $25 off depending on which one you’re looking for. Likewise, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any discounts on the console itself, so you’ll be buying it full price from Best Buy, a scenario that’ll be seen at most other retailers during the Cyber Monday sales.

As far as the games on sale go, if you were hoping to find any of the lingering deals like discounts on God of War or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you may have missed the boat here and will have to look elsewhere. Those games and others like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey aren’t included in the list of on-sale games, but other titles like Sea of Thieves and Star Wars Battlefront II are on sale, the former priced at $29.99 and the latter only $9.99 for Cyber Monday. State of Decay 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, both for the Xbox One and both priced at $19.99, are also in the sale.

There’s also an Early Access event for Cyber Monday doorbusters that Best Buy’s promoting, but you’ll have to sign in to a Best Buy account to see more about those.


Best Buy’s selection of Cyber Monday deals are live now and can be browed through here.

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