Beyond Good & Evil 2 Surpasses Duke Nukem Forever Development Record

Fans often get frustrated about the length of time between a game and its sequel, but some titles take a lot longer to release than others. Take Beyond Good & Evil 2 for example; the Ubisoft game's first trailer was released more than 5,200 days ago. As's Brendan Sinclair points out, that's significantly longer than the 5,156 days that separated Duke Nukem Forever's 1997 announcement and its release in 2011. It appears someone might have to contact Guinness World Records, as Duke Nukem Forever is currently listed as having the "longest development period for a video game."

Sinclair pointed out the length of time in a Tweet, which can be found embedded below.

While some Twitter users took issue with the comparison, Sinclair went on to state that it's actually an apt one; the version of Duke Nukem Forever that did release was quite a bit different than the one in development in the '90s. Similarly, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is sure to be a far cry from the game Ubisoft first revealed. Both titles also saw development starting and stopping many times as the direction of each game shifted. That's not unheard of in the video game industry, but few other games have seen these types of delays!

At this point, it's really hard to imagine what Beyond Good & Evil 2 might look like when it does release. It's been nearly two decades since the first game released, and the industry has changed quite a bit since then. Beyond Good & Evil was hardly a massive seller when it released back in 2003, but fans of the first game are going to want to see some tangible links between the two titles. Making something that appeals to audiences new and old is always a challenge for a sequel, and that might be the reason Ubisoft has taken so long to make Beyond Good & Evil 2 happen. The game doesn't currently have a release date or any sort of release window, so fans will just have to keep waiting and hope for the best!

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[H/T: Eurogamer]